Woman complains of husband’s impotency 8 months after marriage

Meerut. A newly married hass accused of her husband being impotent. In-laws alleging that fraud is married. The victim complained to the SSP, the action is sought. Read further bid Married husband both kidneys is bad …

woman– Jalalpur resident married November 27, 2015, said her marriage to the awakening of medical Thanakshetr son Rajendra Vihar resident from Sachin.

– At the wedding of her family members had spent Rs 25 lakh.

– Her husband at marriage Ambala MES (Military Engineering Service) and currently holding the post of JE in Delhi are its posting.

– Woman alleged that her husband is impotent and has both kidney failure.

– 8 months have passed since the wedding, but he was not healthy.

– This time of the wedding of her in-laws kept secret from him and his family.

– After the wedding, when she discovered that her husband both have kidney failure, he reported the matter to his relatives.

– The allegation that the laws that are made on the pressure to force a kidney.

– Medicine and injections given to him by deception, so is modeling his kidney.

– On the other hand, the laws say that the girl is a patient of the TV.

Dialysis is needed to have every third day

– Married, said her husband has to undergo dialysis every three days.

– Kidney pressure to the point of making the maiden went to them, they complained to the SSP.

– SSP office on Tuesday along with the victim arrived and demanded appropriate action by the written complaint.

– SSP to take appropriate action to investigate the case, assured.

The lawyer said the victims

– The victim’s lawyer Mukesh Singh after a complaint by calling the woman’s husband and his family members questioned by police.

– Admitted that her husband both have kidney failure.

– SI After hearing both sides, called on Wednesday.

– According to police, the two sides are not in agreement after counseling cases will be processed based on the complaint.

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