13 year old girl rescued by CID inspector’s house, was subjected to atrocities

Ranchi. Ranchi a CID inspector from the house of 13-year-old girl has been rescued. He was lodged in the house of Inspector 10 months. When not working she was fired from the hot knife. Child listening to stories of atrocities occurring at once Onlookers were also agreed. Namkum in Ranchi on Tuesday, police inspector, his wife and his four other people have been registered under the JJ Act. The news on the neighbor kid crying …

– Please tell the victim is a resident of Jharkhand’s Gumla. Last November, it was brought home inspector.

– Child Protection Commission, said the girl, her 6 sisters and parents live in the village. We would not get out of her house. Inspector’s wife Madhuri does not give the baby to sleep, the bed was.

– On Monday, when a neighbor heard the baby crying and said the child helpline. Then the labor department and the child helpline team rescued him from the flat of the inspector.

Do not work on beating

– CID Inspector’s wife used to beat the girl hostage. He had to work despite being ill. The food was not the right way.

– CWC member Meera Mishra said inspector has ordered to register a case against the couple. Child Helpline Sujit Goswami had received calls about child.

– To remove the child from the home, it took 1 hour. Inspector’s wife is lying about her. He said that the baby they are keeping their children to the company.

– Sampat Meena said IG CID probe has been assigned responsibility for the opinions Jaya CID SP. If convicted in the investigation lawful action against the inspector.

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