Ambitious model jailed for looting people at ATMs

New Delhi. Vaishali Rajoria has managed many fashion events and models of Delhi and modeled for major brands. But then, raising money for her business, were down the way she went out to take her to jail. The Vaishali wanted to go to the movies and wanted to have her portfolio. It needed Rs three lakh. Vaishali chose to swindle and plunder ATM. Currently, police have arrested her. Such was robbed of cash …

modelling– Is passed out of the business school model Vaishali Delhi. If a career in modeling began to drown his Kbsurti used as weapons.

– The elderly and women, he chose to withdraw money from ATMs, to name but whose help he was able to withdraw money from their account.

– Vaishali ATM exists around longer. Then as an old personor a woman enters the ATM is ready to help him.

– Neatly dressed and speaks English, seeing this girl get ready to take its support too. Not only should they Bkayda driver ran a moving car.

– He sits in the back seat of the car and wear nice clothes. No one looking at him would not know that this stylish hifi knew he was out in the car to play the game of cheating.

Help was also a partner in swindle

– Vaishali pretext of helping people take notice of their ATM PIN numbers and cards from several banks that you have picked the cards change.

– Then after a while, as the man emerges from ATM account used to take out the 20 to 25 thousand rupees.

– There is an accomplice in the business of cheating. From the place where the car was, which rotates in the ATM is an adult or a girl.

– According to police, the driver and became a partner in the business of rigging its 50-50 partnership between the dollar was cheating.

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