She killed mother in law when prevented from meetin boyfriend

Gwalior. Daughter in law Julie confessed to the murder of elderly mother in law Sushila Rajawat at Hazira near here. Julie killed at 8 am and cheked every half hour whether Sushila was dead or not.

bahuJulie had previously sent their child to school and then strangulated by intoxicating him unconscious Sushila. The last five months in a row, including Julie Serial Crime Patrol was watching, the method adopted was not the hand of the police. Sushila obstacle in the way of lovers meet Julie was killed so.

The biggest hurdle was to meet her beloved

SP Hrinarayanchari Sushila Mishra murder case on his grandson’s daughter Julie is a case of murder has been registered. Julie Sushila last four to five months because he was plotting to kill her boyfriend in the biggest hurdle was getting. Sushila after killing Julie was trying to find the whereabouts of his body but also of Anganwadi workers knock at the gate after he got scared and did not manage to do that in a hurry. The ornaments were spoiled Sushila said, he had been given three months to its NAND were preserved in a bank locker. Sushila Court reached directly after the crime, where it was already present Nandoi. It examines the role of the police involved in the massacre or not Nandoi.

Learned method of murder from TV serial Crime Petrol.

Julie saw the latter crime which occupies large sections of it are known. First he thought the story to be raped by miscreants but did not because he will be caught in medical. Julie was robbed and pistol-dragging at the point of manipulating the police were told the true story.

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