This innocent face is of a killer wife

killerBhopal: This is Sapna, who conspired to kill his husband Manish Takhtani with the help of his paramour. She has been sentenced to life imprisonment along with his paramour and another person here today.

The murder mystery of businessman Manish Takhtani in Bhopal has been solved by police with the arrest of the dead man’s widow and her lover.

Police said, a love triangle appeared to be the motive behind the killing of young businessman Manish Takhtani. Two bullets were shot at Manish on November 11 and after diesel was poured, his body was set on fire.

Manish Takhtani is a victim of the foul play done by his wife Sapna Lalwani and Harsh Saluja. Manish was murdered brutally on 11 nov 2013.

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