Rakhi Sawant prints Narendra Modi’s photo on hip in her black dress

Rakhi Sawant, perhaps sensing a lull in Google alerting her to stories on her adventures, has remedied the situation. She wore a dress with pictures of PM Narendra Modi’s face, hands and body placed strategically on hers.

She posted the first picture on Instagram on Tuesday and didn’t look back. Now, instead of just one, we have 4 of them to wrap our heads around.

rakhiBefore continuing, you should first take a look at The Dress for yourself:

Assuming of course that your eyes are still working, let’s continue. We can’t really comment on Rakhi Sawant’s fashion, because we’ve been taught that one should always wear what one is comfortable is and not let the mean people affect our choices. So more power to you, Rakhi Sawant.

Her love for the Prime Minister, and her means of expressing it, is another matter. He will no doubt see it. And while we won’t get to see his reaction, it’s sure to be special.


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