Impostor acting as CBI officer arrested

Raipur (Chhattisgarh). From Raipur on Saturday after the arrest of the young man who swindled people posing has IB officer telling interrogators has revealed surprising. The thugs and fake IB IPS officer as leaders, ministers, officials, hotel operators and the poor are not left. Along with her wedding party was also fake. 33 years after the arrest of the vicious thugs Laegaen line of victims of police has caught her cheating. Book a taxi and the driver took the gold loan in the name of …
The wedding party also Bogus
– IPS Shyamakarna bogus bogus Dhand said the marriage party. The wife was not a party, so he and wife wedding photographs shown to the guests in the projector.
– When asked about his wife even get worse if anyone from either party for any reason, said to have left early.
– Had put the party in a hotel Shyam Sundar. Pramod Dubey mayor was a guest of the party.
– He told Laegaen married in Kolkata where he could not call the people, because the party has selected people. The mayor arrived, the people at the party were 8-10.
– When asked about his wife to go home to wife spoke.
Hotelier and Rs 70 for free smoothie
According to information received from the police this is a vicious thug named Shyam Sunder Dhand else hails from Bengal.
– IPS last year and a half and I become IB Raipur free stays in different hotels of the city is.
– In his 60 thousand, 50 thousand and 70 thousand rupees a bill. He did not give money away to a hotel owner. Rewind only borrowed 70 thousand rupees.
– They would arrange to return the money within a month, but did not return the money.
The book and the name of the taxi driver took the gold loan
– Taxi driver he met by Bhanu Pratap was from July 26, Shyam Sunder.
– He put himself IPS officer stating she would arrange a government job. Doing things she had asked Bhanu driving license.
– Based on the ID Manipurm gold loan borrowed from 30-35 thousand. Bhanu was not aware of it, police said.
– After reading the news in the paper revealed the forgery of Shyam Sundar. Then on Sunday, the police station, where the loan was to extract information.
Hotels used to party
– Police Shyam party was in big hotels, many politicians and officials arrived. He was last July 31 at a hotel party.
– Many of the administration, including the police officers arrived. The Mayor also reported that the party had reached Raipur and thugs had eaten dinner together.
Circuit House in the ministry, and also reached the police headquarters
– Police Shyam Sunder had used the fake IB card. In addition she also wore hats and shoes to be worn in the Army.
– When he had no money, so the cops showing the bullying protocol was staying at the New Circuit House. Join up to three days old and the food too.
– The ministry and police headquarters was also turned around. In addition to state officials in Kolkata as a fake resemblance IB officer.
– Chhattisgarh met several ministers and politicians and continue to put them in with your Facebook selfie dragging.
The policemen threatened
– Shyam’s when he caught himself quite influential have started threatening to inform the police.
– After closing the station, he was saying that my whole family is IAS-IPS, you all will. Will cost you.
– Listening to his escape from the police to take action, so completely was arrested after Haene confirmed.

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