These twins might eat each other

twinsSome children eat less, while some eat more but a sibling duo from Connecticut, New Haven just can;t stop eating at all for a very strange reason. Stevie Eddie Ahern who are raised by their mother Dianna are suffering from a rare disorder known as Prader Willi syndrome, a genetic dysfunction that makes them hungry all the time. The duo has the ability to eat anything and everything, making it too hard for their mother. The duo goes berserk when they are not fed and start to throw tantrums but their mother Dianna has controlled them over the years to eat a specific amount of food. The siblings are suffering from autism as well, even though prader willi syndrome is generally diagnosed when a baby is born, it was not diagnosed in their case for a very long time. The syndrome is caused by a dysfunction when the chromosome 15 from the father;s side is deleted or when a child inherits 2 sets of chromosome 15 from their mother;s side.

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