Fake obscene pics force girl to commit suicide

A 21-year-old woman committed suicide in Tamil Nadu after morphed photographs, ostensibly showing her in an obscene light, were posted on Facebook. The girl’s family accused the police of taking no action in the matter.

Vinupriya, who was studying in college, began facing harassment on Facebook after she was tagged in a picture that had been morphed. Meanwhile, the police has arrested the person who uploaded objectionable photos.

faceAccording to reports, Vinupriya’s suicide note suggests that her parents did not believe that she had not sent nude pictures of herself to whoever posted them on the social networking site.

“What’s the use of living when my father and mother do not trust me?” the note said.

According to a report, her family, on the other hand, claims that the police did not initiate any procedure on blocking or removing the morphed photo despite their repeated requests.


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