Here people are tied with chains to get rid of evil spirits

Chittorgarh. Bhilwara and Rajsamand superstition after another to test the truth of the story of our team arrived in Chittorgarh district Kpasn Dargah of Hazrat Shah Deewana. The place where people come to worship to every religion, even we found bound in chains, bound by strong locks trees and poles People Here “treatment” is running. It is claimed here, is used to treat psychiatric patients in hospital. Bound in fetters of superstition, but the reality is that the people possessed by spiritual forces to remove the name of keeping patients that.She bound in chains also are tied here …

mazar– For the treatment of the shadows spiritual people of all ages to come. These innocent children of 8-10 years and 80 years, including the elderly.

– Most people are bound in iron chains poor, Dalits and women. Most of these people are mentally healthy despite not getting rid of these shackles.

– Allow Udaipur delvada 15 years of perfect health, but her father is not willing to liberate him Mangilal.

– The 20-year-old Rahul Shahpura 20-22 hours a day is to be tied to the tree. The administration argues that no other damage to the shrine have reached are therefore tied to the tree.

Spiritual strength is in the body of the patient Uglwate habitat

– Baba’s shrine soon as the mental patient is Uglwaya spiritual strength in his body and has his place.

– These also are called the spiritual force that his body will be many days. They are determined to remain there to this day.

– They believe that spiritual strength is a foreign body in 40 days’ time to the 11, 21 and 40 days is determined.

– First of all inpatient and his family at the poles Cille Dora tie. Mazar ash on the front of the patient and offer feed her rose petals, sage afternoon Khidmat offer again.

– Evening smoke of frankincense Dhuni are rotated over time patient. Order that runs for 40 days.

Hospital infrastructure but work as conservative

– Inside the shrine when the infrastructure is built as a hospital, but there are ways for a complete rest on superstition.

– Like hospital ward rooms and cottages are made but in the name of treatment is used when apotropaics.

Still not properly claim to non-drug treatment

– Dargah 11, 21 and 40 days for patients who are given no medication is used to treat nor any kind. Morning and evening around the shrine are installed chains plagued by many people around.

– When running with a circle of kin refuse to beat with sticks. Each side crying, screaming and hears the sounds of Siskion.

See photos of the shrine in the slides.


Chittaurgarh. rajasthan ke bheelavaada aur raajasamand ke baad ek aur andhavishvaas se judee kahaanee kee sachchaee parakhane ke lie hamaaree teem pahunchee chittaudagadh jile ke kapaasan mein hajarat deevaane shaah kee daragaah. ibaadat kee jagah jahaan har dharm ke log aate hain, yahaan hamen mile bediyon mein jakade, majaboot taalon se pedon aur khambhon se bandhe log jinaka yahaan ‘ilaaj chal raha hai. daava kiya jaata hai ki yahaan bane hospital mein maanasik rogiyon ka ilaaj kiya jaata hai. magar sachchaee ye hai ki andhavishvaas kee bediyon mein jakade log yahaan roohaanee taakaton ka saaya door karane ke naam par mareejon ko bediyon mein jakadakar rakhate hain.bachche ko bhee baandh kar rakhate hain yahaan…
– yahaan roohaanee saaye ke ilaaj ke lie har umr ke log aate hain. inamen 8-10 saal ke maasoom bachchon se lekar 80 saal tak ke bujurg shaamil hain.
– lohe kee janjeeron mein jakade jyaadaatar log gareeb, dalit aur mahilaen hain. inamen se adhikaansh log maanasik roop se pooree tarah svasth hain baavajood isake unhen in bediyon se nijaat nahin mil rahee.
– udayapur ke delavaada kee 15 saal kee deoo pooree tarah svasth hai lekin usake pita maangeelaal use aajaad karane ko taiyaar nahin hai.
– shaahapura ke 20 saal ke yuvak raahul ko bhee din mein 20-22 ghante ped se bandhe rahana padata hai. daragaah prashaasan ka tark hai ki kisee doosare ko nukasaan na pahuncha pae isalie ped se baandhakar rakhate hain.
rogee se ugalavaate hain ki shareer mein roohaanee taakat ka hai vaas
– maanasik rogee se baaba kee majaar par aate hee yah ugalavaaya jaata hai ki usake shareer mein kisee roohaanee taakat ne jagah bana rakhee hai.
– saath hee inase yah bhee kahalaaya jaata hai ki vah roohaanee taakat inake shareer mein kitane din rahegee. isee se unake vahaan rahane ke din tay hote hain.
– inaka maanana hai ki roohaanee taakat parae shareer mein 40 din tak rahatee hai isalie rahane ka samay 11, 21 aur 40 din nirdhaarit hai.
– sabase pahale bhartee mareej aur usake parijan chille ke khambhe par dora baandhate hain. majaar ke saamane rogee par raakh chadhaate hain aur use gulaab ke phoolon kee pankhudiyaan khilaate hain, dopahar ko baaba kee khidamat mein phir pesh karate hain.
– shaam ko lobaan ke vakt rogee ke oopar dhoonee ka dhuaan ghumaaya jaata hai. 40 din tak yahee kram chalata hai.
dhaancha hospital jaisa magar kaam roodhivaadee
– daragaah ke bheetar aadhaarabhoot dhaancha to kisee hospital jaisa bana hai lekin yahaan ke taur-tareeke pooree tarah andhavishvaas par tike hain.
– hospital kee tarah vaard aur kotej room bane hain lekin inamen ilaaj ke naam par tone-totake ka sahaara liya jaata hai.
na dava na ilaaj phir bhee theek karane ka daava
– daragaah mein 11, 21 aur 40 din tak rahane vaale mareejon ko na to koee dava dee jaatee hai aur na hee kisee tarah ka ilaaj kiya jaata hai. subah-shaam majaar ke chaaron taraph bediyon se jakade logon ko kaee chakkar lagavae jaate hain.
– koee chakkar lagaane se mana karata hai to saath chal rahe parijan dandon se pitaee karate hain.



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