Motored Cycle that runs 200 kms in one litre petrol

A group of fourth-semester automobile engineering students of D E I Technical College, Agra have invented a fuel-efficient two-wheeler that runs 200 km on one litre of petrol.

Sharing the details of their invention, Pandit Vikrant Rawat said, “The idea was develop a cheap and ultra-fuel efficient vehicle. In our two-wheeler, we have fitted 35 cc engine, which generates torque of 2,500 rpm in ideal conditions.”

The cycle is fitted with a tw0-stroke petrol engine.

“The vehicle can only be used on plain road, which can achieve a top speed of 35 km/hr,” he said.

cycleAnother student of the inventors’ group, Mukul Gaur, said, “We invested merely Rs 10,000 and invented a vehicle which can give you the same pleasure of travelling on city road within 40kmph speed limit, like the way a Rs 50,000 two-wheeler gives.”

Congratulate the youngsters and hope they contribute more to Automobile sector after they complete their degree in Automobile Engineering.

Feeling proud on the students’ achievement, principal of the college, Dr B B Rao said, “We had just taught them the basic engineering lesson about a vehicle. It is the students who have developed such an ultra fuel-efficient cycle fitted with motor-engine.”

Apart from Pandit Vikrant Rawat and Mukul Gaur, the other three innovators are Tushar Goel, Rajul Mishra and Shubhansh Goswami.

When asked about their future plans after graduation, the five students unanimously said, “We want to innovate unlike others who just work as labour in automobile companies even after having degrees. We want to make the world a better place to live.”

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