Windscreen tod ka aise jaan dene ki koshish ki is naujawan nay

Disturbing footage has caught the aftermath of an incident on a bus which saw a man ram through the vehicle’s windscreen. In the video he can be seen stuck, half in and out of the vehicle as people try to free him from the glass, reports the People’s Daily Online.

chineseThe incident occurred on August 11 as the bus was travelling from Wangkui county to Suihua city in northern China. Footage shows the man hanging through the window of the bus. Half of his body can be seen inside the vehicle while his head and arms are hanging outside.

Onlookers surround the bus in disbelief at what has happened. While two people use a shovel and a hammer to try and break the glass and free the man.

The vehicle was travelling from Wangkui county to Suihua city in China’s Heilongjiang province.

According to passengers on the bus, the man stormed into the windscreen twice, breaking through the glass on his second attempt.

He was then taken to hospital and given a CT scan where it was determined that no serious damage had been done. He also had minor cuts and bruises.

Police are investigating the case.

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