Monument becomes centre of shameless sexual activities

This is historical place and maintained by ASI but now a days its became unwanted resting place of lovers for there sexual activity . Every corner of residency you find lovers in very bad position . This is the reason family person don’t want to go .

sexThe Residency is a group of several building in a common precinct. The Residency now exists in ruins and is located in the heart of the city, in vicinity of other monuments like Shaheed Smarak, Tehri Kothi and High Court Building.

Besides the ethos of the Nawabi era of Lucknow , there is a definite stamp of the British Raj on the city of Lucknow. The city being a residence of the British Resident who ruled the province of Awadh after snatching power from the last Nawab – Wajid Ali Shah. Lucknow also played a great part in the 1887 uprising that the British called Mutiny and we refer to as our first call for Freedom . Lucknow was one of the major battleground and the Residency bears testimony to the same. Besides other landmarks like Dilkusha and Sikander Baghdad. Residency is now maintained by the ASI as a heritage site and scores of people visit it everyday- from love birds seeking a quiet refuge to sundry tourists to, at times, some Anglo Indian or British Non residents searching for the graves of their ancestors !

sex2A visit to this monument is must for those who want to Know and feel the history of this once beautiful and highly cultured City


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