Why this doctor killed 6 patients, mystery yet to be solved

Satara: In a sensational confession, a doctor, who was arrested late on Saturday, has confessed to the Maharashtra Police that he had murdered six persons over the last few years by administering lethal overdoses of medicines.

The Police have found five bodies from the farmhouse of Dr Santosh Pol, a practising doctor from Wai town in Satara district in western Maharashtra.

doctorDr Pol, dubbed “Dr Death”, was arrested last week on the charges of kidnapping and killing 49-year-old aanganwadi worker.

When 49-year-old Mangal Jedhe was reported missing on her way to Pune from Satara in Maharashtra, investigations led the police to the farmhouse of a medical doctor Santosh Pol.

On Saturday, 41-year-old Dr Pol – now being called ‘Dr Death’ – was arrested and, the police alleged, has confessed to murdering Ms Jedhe, four other women and a man. He buried them on his farmhouse, said the police, who have dug up four bodies.

Mangal Jedhe was on her way to meet her daughter in Pune when she went missing. She was to have boarded a bus from Wai in Satara, but she did not get on to it. Her last phone call was traced to Dr Pol, whose farmhouse is about 13kms from Wai.

The police said when they questioned his associate nurse Jyoti Mandre, she alleged that Dr Pol kidnapped and murdered Mangal Jedhe with a medicine overdose. The nurse been arrested too.

Some of the people whose bodies have been found by the police had been missing since 2003. The police have contacted their families, but are not revealing details yet.

It is not clear why Dr Pol allegedly killed the six people. He is being questioned for more details.


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