He swallowed 40 knives, brought out through operation

Amritsar. In a month at Gurdaspur Satvinder swallowed  40 knives. Many knives have been swallowed without  water. The account is in the past three months. A few days later, stomach upset, and suddenly became anemic. Local doctors have shown ultrasound cancer, they suspect. 5 hours after the operation by carrying out a knife …
Was never a feeling of pain
40 knives– Enhanced trouble checkup at a hospital in Amritsar on Wednesday, he said. After a CT scan showed that no such things knife in the stomach.
– 5 hour operation after doctors found her stomach to 40 knives. 44-year-old Satwinder Singh (fictitious name) is in the police.
– Doctors have kept his identity hidden. 3 months ago satvinder also admitted that his mental state had deteriorated.
– At the same time he purchased the 5-inch knife and a long 40 months old with water swallows. The revealed nothing, nor pain realized.
Within the stomach were exposed knife
– Operation according to doctors who get off a knife in the stomach, and then some were exposed, causing bleeding inside the abdomen began.
– Therefore his hemoglobin was low. Satvinder’s wife and two children.
36 were caught carrying knives and 4 in Aantdion
– Dr. Jatinder satvinder the time came he adds, was in critical condition. He was treated for the cancer.
– Endoscopy’s found nothing but a CT scan revealed. Then immediately underwent surgery.
– Opened stomach surprise. 40 were carrying knives. 36 were caught carrying knives, 4 were in Aantdion.

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