Sindhu assured of silver, to vie for gold, makes history for India

PV Sindhu made history for Indian badminton when she reached the final of the women’s singles event after beating Nozomi Okuhara 21-19, 21-10 in the semi-final and assure herself and country of a silver medal. This will be the first time India will have a silver place finish in badminton after Saina Nehwal had notched a bronze in the London Olympics four years back.

Badminton Score:



2119 hrs IST: Two points to go! Sindhu with a lovely drop shot and it is match point!

2118 hrs IST: Okuhara nets the shot and Sindhu has now won an incredible nine points in a row

2116 hrs IST: Sindhu continues with her march now. Pushing Okuhara side-to-side before putting away for a winner. 16-10

2115 hrs IST: Sindhu with incredible attacking play now on her backhand to put away a shot at the net. 14-10

2112 hrs IST: Sindhu’s push at the net is just in. Very close that. 11-10 up in the second game

2111 hrs IST: Once again, Sindhu makes a mistake on a loopy shot at the net. Hit into the net. 10-10

2111 hrs IST: Sindhu with beautiful disguise on the drop and Okuhara sends backhand wide. 10-9 to Sindhu

2110 hrs IST: Service error by Sindhu and it is back square. 9-9

2110 hrs IST: Sindhu with lovely angled drop shot and she is once again in the lead at 9-8

2109 hrs IST: Okuhara’s shot is in the middle of the court and it is there for the taking. Duly put away by Sindhu. 8-8

2108 hrs IST: Sindhu with an unforced error. Had the point for the taking but nets it! 8-7 to the Japanese

2108 hrs IST: Fierce smash by Sindhu on Okuhara’s backhand and it isn’t returned. 7-7

2107 hrs IST: Sindhu with a well placed smash angled across and Okuhara can’t read that. 7-6

2107 hrs IST: PV Sindhu’s attempt down the line is just wide. 7-5 to Okuhara now

2105 hrs IST: Sindhu with great smashes and its all even 5-5

2104 hrs IST: Lucky let chord for Sindhu and that ends the run of five. 5-4

2104 hrs IST: Five straight points for the Japanese as Sindhu makes unforced errors. Down 5-3

2103 hrs IST: Lovely defensive work by Okuhara and she has it all even. Sindhu nets a rushed backhand 3-3

2103 hrs IST: PV Sindhu starts on a good positive note to lead 3-0

2056 hrs IST: Okuhara’s smash is into the top of the net and PV Sindhu takes the first game 21-19

2055 hrs IST: Sindhu possibly hit a shot that was going out and Okuhara wins the point. Goes into open court. 20-19

2054 hrs IST: Okuhara with a mistake at the net and game points Sindhu. 20-18

2054 hrs IST: Great flick of the racket at the last second by Okuhara to play disguised drop. 19-18

2053 hrs IST: Sindhu with an angled smash across and she leads 19-17

2052 hrs IST: Huge support for Sindhu in Rio. Lots of yelling of India, India!

2051 hrs IST: Sindhu with great defensive play to return a smash and then deliver her own. 18-15

2051 hrs IST: Okuhara sends smash into Sindhu’s body and the lead is reduced. 17-15

2051 hrs IST: Okuhara with an odd smash mistake after Sindhu misjudged serve. 17-14

2050 hrs IST: Sindhu makes a mistake on the backhand – rushing a little too much. 16-14 up though

2050 hrs IST: Sindhu with two glorious drop shots – one is picked but not the next. 16-13

2049 hrs IST: Two errors in a row by Sindhu and the lead is down to two points. 15-13

2048 hrs IST: Sindhu with a gorgeous drop shot to control the racket head. 15-11

2048 hrs IST: Sindhu’s smash is just wide of the line and into the tramlines. 14-11

2047 hrs IST: Okuhara once again nets a deep shot. Sindhu is in the lead now by 14-10

2046 hrs IST: Okuhara nets a deep shot and Sindhu is up 13-10

2046 hrs IST: Okuhara once again forcing Sindhu to make a loopy return at the net and dispatched quickly. 12-10

2044 hrs IST: Short reply by Sindhu and Okuhara is quickly on to it. And it inches inside. 12-9 to the Indian

2043 hrs IST: Great point with both players going back and forward before luck of the net helps Sindhu win the point. 12-8

2042 hrs IST: Sheer pace in Okuhara’s angled smash and Sindhu can’t reply to that. 11-8

2042 hrs IST: Sindhu made to go back on a deep shot and its into the net. 11-7

2040 hrs IST: Okuhara sends push of the shuttle long and Sindhu leads 11-6 at the break

2039 hrs IST: Sindhu with a great smash as she moves back and keeps the margin going. Desperate lunge by the Japanese but not enough to send it back. 10-6

2038 hrs IST: Lovely tactics by Sindhu to push Okuhara back and then produce a lovely drop. 9-6 now

2038 hrs IST: Sindhu’s attempted drop shot is into the net and the lead for the Indian is down to two. 8-6

2037 hrs IST: Poor response by Sindhu on a Okuhara drop and it is duly dispatched for a smash. 8-5

2036 hrs IST: Great drop shot by Sindhu and Okuhara can’t send it back. Leads 8-4

2035 hrs IST: Okuhara hits the net and Sindhu with a huge shout of C’mon. 7-4 up now

2035 hrs IST: Good push of the shuttle by Sindhu and she leads 5-3

2034 hrs IST: Poor judgement by Sindhu and Okuhara’s serve lands in. 3-4 now

2034 hrs IST: Sindhu with a great early start. Using her racket head exceptionally to return a shot back. 4-1

2028 hrs IST: PV Sindhu on court for her semi-final match against Nozomi Okuhara.

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