Writhing in pain, Woman patient appears at exam half lying in ambulance

Muzaffarpur (Bihar – India). A woman writing in pain at Muzaffarpur, Bihar, appear in exam half lying in the ambulance. Two days after the operation, the woman gave birth to a child. Within 36 hours of operation at the time of her examination center moved to the exam hall.

ambulance– Manish’s wife Sabita BEd resident Chhata Chowk of Muzaffarpur square umbrella giving the exam.

– Tuesday, nasal oxygen tube was in. Even then she attempted the paper.

– For Sabita its was too difficult to get sound from the mouth, but she was writing on the answer sheet rapidly

– Two Invigilators sat near Sabita.

– Sabita Kejriwal Sunday gave birth in hospital. She was also operated.

– When she arrived at exam center, in-charge of the centre allowed her to attempt exam in an ambulance. He then approached the Controller of Examinations.

– Then Sabita was allowed to sit the examination in the ambulance.

– Sabita half lay in the ambulance had to reply to all questions.

– Sabita said better future for pain but they can not leave the exam.

– Sabita has cleared five papers.

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