She wished to celebrate honeymoon with fiancée in Taiwan, ends up in jail

Kanker, Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) After Sagai, a girl wished to celebrate honeymoon with fiancé in Taiwan but ended up in jail. She had no money for honeymoon trip so she committed theft in the house of her own uncle for which pressure was mounted by fiancé. Therefore, both of them planned and committed the theft.

honeymoonFirst they stole Rs. 67 thousand. When not detected, their morale was boosted. This time they stole Rs. 2 lakh, but were caught. They had two more accomplices. All four have been arrested and booty of theft recovered from them.

In the theft committed in the house of Sunil Goswami at Jaundabhata locality of Kanker on August 16 in which thieves took away jewellery worth Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 5.5 thousand cash. Kanker police got suspicious of 18 years old niece of Sunil Goswami names Nisha Goswami and his fiancé Aditya Goswami. Later, they also arrested Ajay Senwani and Reena Sen of Bilaspur and presented them in Civil Lines police station.

Stolen goods and cash was hidden in the house of Nisha, which was later handed over to Kanker police.

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