diesel oozes out of well, people start looting

In Gaya district of Bihar, diesel instead of water started coming out of a well. The incident occurred at Gango Bigha locality under Rampur police station.

As the news of diesel coming out of the well spread, hordes of people rushed to the well where earlier people had gone to take bath. During bath, they smelt odour of diesel coming out from the well.

newWhen local people tried to pull water from them well they were amazed to see diesel in the bucket. The news spread like jungle fire and hundreds of people rushed to the well and started looting diesel. Later, the police prohibited entry of people at the spot. District magistrate has send BDO to enquire into the matter.

According to reports, news about odour of diesel coming out of borewells in the area were coming regularly recently. People had been urging district administration to supply drinking water through tanker

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