Tin roofs flew like kite, mothers lay over children to save them

Kota (Rajasthan): When people were asleep at village Ramrajpura near Kota, a cyclone rose from Chandraloi river and ravaged half of the village within 30 seconds. At that time, over shades of 500tin and asbestos of about 65 houses were seen flying like kites. Perturbed mother covered their children by laying over them to save them from any possible harm.

roofHad a tree fallen on the house an entire family would have been killed. Dwarika Bai said that her daughter in law was milking buffalo beneath a tree. As soon as she move from there, the tree fell with a horrible sound. They said that had the tree fallen on the house, all family members would have been killed. Later, people safely rescued the buffalo.

Tin shades of 8 houses were also flown away by the storm. However, no casualty has been reported.

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