Bride alleges rape, kidnapping, gets groom arrested

Bahut shauq se ki thi shadi, Dulhan nay aise phansaa diya: Gwalior: Through middlemen from Odisha state, a youth of Sheopur in Madhya Pradesh married a girl with great pomp and show. But when the newly married couple visited house of a relative, the bride called the police alleging kidnapping and rape.

dulhanIt is mentioned that Rakesh son of Ram Kumar Gupta was unable to find a match for her for a long time. He came into contact with some brokers, who got him married with a girl taking lakhs of rupees. The gang took entire family in confidence.

Later, the marriage was solemnized in Arya Samaj Mandir at Gwalior on March 14. Brokers acted as brothers of the girl and performed kanyadan.

On March 21, Rakesh took the bride to visit a relative’s house. There the girl called police. The girl alleged that Rakesh has kidnapped her and is confining her in this house. Rakesh was arrested. Later, Odisha police also came and arrested Rakesh. They took him and the girl to Puri city in Odisha where Rakesh was jailed for 3 months. After this, family members secured bail for Rakesh. But he has to go to Puri whenever police calls him for investigation.

Meanwhile, Odisha police investigated the case in which issue of transaction for marriage came to light. The police later arrested one Rama Rao. Rakesh claims that this gang is active in entire Sheopur area. It lures and dupes unmarried people by displaying beautiful girls.



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