Three youths saved from drowing in Kaliyasot river at Bhopal

Three persons including a minor were rescued from Kaliasot dam in the afternoon on Sunday. This incident occurred due to sudden increase in the water level after opening of sluice valves of Kaliasot dam. Police said that on Sunday afternoon two youths out of three were heavily drunk and when the third one went to rescue them, he also started to drown in the heavy current of water.

rescuedSDM (Huzur) Maya Awasthi said that the two youths Krishna Patel and Chandrashekhar went to take a bath and were not aware that the sluice valves would be opened and later when the water level increased suddenly they started drowning. The third person Ismail tried to help the two and after the information was received, the locals immediately asked to close the gates. Later, divers and rescue teams started rescue operation and rescued the three. The rescue operation continued for an hour in which the three were rescued safely.

After heavy rainfall two sluice gates of Kalisot Dam were opened on Sunday. Two youths in a drunken state

Chandrashekhar and Krishna Patel had gone to take a bath during which due to sudden increase of water level they started drowning. Ismail after spotting the two drowning tried to rescue them but failed to save them after he slipped and later three were rescued with the help of divers and administration. Ismail used a rope to rescue them but after he slipped due to heavy water current the rope was broken and he started to drown.

After the administration officials were informed regarding the three trapped victims the sluice gates were closed. With the help of an alert rescue team the three were saved and rushed to a nearby hospital where their condition was reportedly stable.

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