Facebook friend cheats girl

Everyday new cases of cheating in Dehradun is coming, the situation is that educated people continue to become victims of the swindle. The latest case is that of Prem Nagar police station area. 81 thousand of the teacher through Facebook and WhatsApp was the victim of a swindle.
faceBased on the woman’s complaint, police registered a case and started investigation. While stating that the police Browala a female had complained to the police that the Facebook friend of fraudulently swindled 81 thousand rupees.
Facebook friends who betray the teacher made the victim of fraud
In her complaint, the woman told the friend request in Facebook, which has been accepted by the woman, the woman gave the telephone number. The accused man told the woman that she lives in London and he often came and lived in Dehradun.
After which we made friends with a girl and boy. The young man accused in connection with the admission of women were interviewed.
The woman said that the accused called her and told her to pick up a parcel which has come to the airport to collect 81 thousand rupees. Women were asked to return the money that will come in Dehradun. The woman threw the money in the bank, but later when the accused approached the young man got off his phone.
Women understand that he had become a victim of swindle. Prem Nagar police station registered a case against the accused and has started operations.

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