Institution for re-marriage of divorced and widowed women in Saudi Arabia

Men have come forward to marry single women in Saudi Arabia for the first time make remarried. A person has created an institution for this. The divorced and widowed women are motivated to marry again. They’re getting married. Matrimonial portals are also made. Allowing women to marry men will seek. Women’s worst record for …
Indeed, the record of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia is not much good. Whether it be everyday life. Or personal life. Many things that are not allowed to be legal. And even permitted him they are unable to let go of the fabric of men. There are so many women remained unmarried. Here, more than 20 million women are living without marriage. Most of them are widowed or divorced. By law, these women are allowed to remarry, but women do not remarry. The organization has launched the 100 people together. The doctors, engineers, university professors and religious scholars, among others. Eight women members.
saudiAl Abar Atllah founder explains: “We men and women living alone will inspire you to make life partner. So women could get married again. Women can choose marriage, to the men. “Polygamy is common in Saudi Arabia. And apply all the rules of Islam. In Islam, a man is allowed to marry four women together. Saudi women to be forced marriage is common. Even the parents are married without telling the girl. Women formally have the right to work or earn money to keep. If however they want to work out some sort, they first have to be cleared by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. Many working women is a crime. Women’s monthly income is less than men. Saudi Arabia’s first female athlete to participate in the London Olympics, was sent by the radical leaders had called sex workers.

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