This Taj Mahal-like temple is being constructed for 112 years

Radha Swami Samadhi at Dayalbagh, Agra, The building at a place facing Taj Mahal is an epitome of Marble art. The building is samadhi of the Radha Swami Guru, with the samadhi in the basement of the temple. The temple is built in white marble from Makrana of Rajasthan and has been under construction since the past 112 years and still another 20 more years or so to go until the completion of the building.

mandirInside the main building complex, do not miss the beautiful intricately carved out fruits and vegetables on each pillar and arch. All the vegetables, fruits and flowers we see are carved out in marble – you name it they have it. The entry is free of cost and you can tip the guards if you wish for them to guide you through the area.

It is a temple which can’t be completed, people are working for the whole day and night but due to some unknown reasons it is not getting completed from last so many years.

Dayal Bagh is a pilgrimage site in Agra, which is popular for the memorial of Shiv Dayal Sahib, the founder of the Radha Soami Satsang Movement. He started this religious organisation in 1861, which combines the elements from Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism.

The memorial in Dayal Bagh has been built to worship Shiv Dayal Sahib, who was popularly known as Soami Maharaj by his disciples. The 110 feet high memorial is a combination of temple, gurudwara, vihara and mosque.

The memorial is made of pure white marble and features numerous pillars and fine pietra dura inlay work on the inner walls.

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