Dogs fight till death, people play satta of millions of rupees

Dog fights till death are being organized in various cities of Punjab in India as a means of pastime and playing satta (gambling) worth millions of rupees. Threes dog fights are held clandestinely in villages. Recently, a team of People for Animals raided such dog fight sight at village Mirzapur near Mohali (Chandigarh). The team found that one of the fighting dog was nearing death as spectators were shooting and sending videos of dog fight to others.

dog fightHowever, news of the raid was leaked due to which gang members who organized dog fight fled away from the spot. The team has collected clinching evidences from the spot and submitted their report to Punjab’s DGP.

According to reports, racket of dog fight is run through WhatsApp. Only Pitbul dogs are made to fight each other till death.

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