71 year old man rapes 13 years old girl, forces her to undergo abortion

  • accusedA 71 year old man in Jameshedpur city of Jhakhand state in India raped a 13 years old girl repeatedly for 2 months. When she got pregnant, the old man and his wife forced her to undergo abortion.

Victim’s father informed that the rapist himself told about rape. He said that 71 years old Lakhi Kant was raping the girl since last 2 months. When she got pregnant, Lakhi Kant Pal informed his wife about it. Both of them took the girl to undergo abortion on the city’s outskirts. They were offering all kinds of sops and gifts and money to the victim.

rapeHowever, Pal was arrested as soon as he alighted from the bus. A case of rape and kidnapping has been registered against him. Police have also recovered abortion related documents from the accused.

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