Police trainer forces women trainees to disclose menses period, tortures them

RAIPUR: Controversy has gripped Chankhuri Police Training Academy in Chhattisgarh state in India following a trainee deputy superintendent of police (DSP) lodged a complaint of harassment against her trainer who allegedly forces women trainees to mention their period dates and ordered menstruating women to stand out of the queue during the training.

traineeThe matter reached the tipping point after outdoor in-charge Neelkanth Sahu, an official of DSP rank, allegedly thrust a cane below the belt of a trainee and passed indecent remarks on Tuesday . “He also pulled the hair of women trainees during a parade and asked women to come out of the swimming pool on the pretext of a head count. This was part of the daily torture they undergo, but never complain,” a trainee told.

Sources said Sahu poked the trainee with the cane to wipe out mud sticking to her uniform while she was holding a rifle during practice. Later, angry women trainees took up the matter with senior police officials and lodged a complaint which was signed by the 32-member batch. Sahu was sent to police lines at the headquarters and relieved of duty .

Academy director Anand Kumar Tiwari was not available for comment, even as trainees pressed for a harsher punishment.

Another woman trainee said Sahu didn’t miss any opportunity to harass women. He would loudly mention the trainees’ menstruation dates from the register. “Last month, your dates weren’t the same. My wife never suffers stomach cramps during periods, you are making excuses,” a trainee quoted Sahu as having told another trainee. She said the police academy did not have rules to permit menstruating women to take rest.

Once he made fun of a pregnant woman trainee, asking why she had no baby bump, said sources.

Meanwhile, a delegation of state women commission visited the police academy to meet the trainees. “A commission team interacted with women trainees and heard their complaints,” commission chairperson Harshita Pandey said.

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