4 months old girl’s throat slit, body hidden in AC cover on 3rd floor

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Mother kills 4 months old daughter by choking her in air conditioner

Jaipur: 4 months old girl’s throat was slit and her body hidden in AC cover on 3rd floor of the house. She was grand daughter of Babulal Goyal, the Chairman of Dal and Oilseed Board.

newThe girl child was sleeping beside her mother, who came to know about her missing at 3 am in the night. Police suspect hand of a relatives in the murder. Families of Goyal’s four brothers live in the house. Their number is 40 besides several servants.

Police are questioning all. The girl’s body bears injury marks with knife on the throat and stomach.

Police scoured all CC TV cameras in the building. But cameras on all storeys were found shut for 15 minutes from 2.30 am in the night.

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