They rode luxury cars to rob bank ATMs

The Gwalior police have busted an inter-state gang of ATM robbers. Interestingly, the gang committed the crime riding very costly luxury cars to avoid suspicion. The gang has robbed crores of rupees by cutting ATM machines in Madhya Pradesh, UP, Haryana and Punjab. Along with tools to cut ATMs, weapons have also been recovered from the gang.

ATM robbersOne of the gang members was caught by the police recently while cutting ATM machine of Canara bank in front of district court, Morena. The gangsters keeping vigil in the car outside ATM fled away, but their faces were caught in CC TV camera. This was the only CC TV camera which could not be switched off by the gang and led to their arrest.

The gang members were nabbed from Delhi. Their names are Kulwant and Balwant. Search is on to trace their remaining accomplices. The gang has robbed one ATM at Civil Lines, Morena, one at Dabra in Gwalior and 13 in Delhi. They have also robbed a number of ATMs in other states as well.


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