Woman patient dies since hospital staff did not attend demanding money

Bharatpur: Relatives have alleged that a pregnant women kept writhing in pain whole night but hospital staff did not attend her since they were demanding money for service. Due to it, the women died.

pregnantAccording to police, Reena Jatava (24) was admitted to hospital for her first delivery. Her husband repeatedly urged hospital staff to attend to the woman. But the staff demanded Rs. 1000 from him

Dharamveer said that he contact doctor on the night duty Dr. Manish Goyal several times but he did not respond. Neither he attended the patient nor called gynae specialist. Due to this, the woman breathed her last at 6.30 am.

After this, relatives and other people started raising slogans against Rajasthan government, Health Department and hospital staff. They refused to receive the body and demanded that district collector should come to the spot.

Later, DIG and other district administration officers held discussions with relatives. Meanwhile, hospital staff has denied the allegations.

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