Actors are being unduly exploited, says Bhabhi Ji Shipla Shinde

Angoori Bhabhi, who has left the famous character from the popular TV show, Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain, has hit out at producers of the show as well as TV Association. She was in Bhopal in connection with a Matki Phod competition. She said that “I am a simple woman, but people have made me out to be a controversial person by blowing things out of proportion. If that’s how it is, then it’s best I enjoy it. Shilpa said that she left the show since the producers were trying to bound her to act only in this show. She said that TV association is colluding with producers to exploit actors.

shilpaMeanwhile, Shilpa Shinde, who was kicked out of the comedy show in March, has featured in a YouTube video by SABGROUP’s digital initiative Happii-Fi, a satirical take on the entire episode that surrounded her exit from the show.

Titled Controversial Bhabhiji, the seven-minute-long video is a spoof on the controversy that resulted after Shilpa decided to quit the show. In the video, Shilpa even seeks the help of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena in her fight against the show’s producers and Modi is seen expressing his grief over the change of the bhabhi. Shilpa ended the video saying, “I enjoyed shooting this video, hope you enjoyed it too.”

Shilpa Shinde reportedly left the show because she wasn’t getting any off days. She quit the TV show, citing mental torture and a threat to her career and claimed that the show’s producer Benaifer Kohli was a “terror on sets”.

For those wondering where Bhabhiji has gone missing, this show is an answer to that,

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