Ex-girl friend kills and buries man and his belong deep under earth

KHUNTI TOWN (Jharkhand). On May 12 police have arrested a girl and her 3 friends for killing a cpuple. The girl turned out to be the mastermind of the murder. He was the former girlfriend of the deceased boy and the boy was upset by the betrayal in love. The deceased’s body was recovered by police from the pits. Had run out so that no burial …..

girl friend-12 May jungle between the villagers alerted the police found blood stains. Information on the police saw that the blood stains were also the mark of someone being dragged.

When the police chasing the trail had gone some distance away there was mud on the ground. Police got suspicious and began digging there was cooling.

-jmin Digging and found the body of the boy before taking him down, showing the girl’s body. Police identified the boy and his wife and girlfriend Tintus Bodra as.

Execute a given event

-sdeepio Ranveer Singh accused the girl a few days before the incident, her new boyfriend to cheat by his former lover told Tintus.

-iske The accused and his wife plan Tintus Bodra called near the woods. As Tintus arrived, both the accused tied to a tree.

-aropion Of the two sticks beaten and then shot to death by the accused Dikiske Pocola put one on top of the bodies of both the forest and buried.

– Naked bodies were recovered in the event. Tintus identified the young woman’s father, and the two became engaged.

– Total 6 people were involved in the murder, of which four are arrested by the police. The other two continue to seek.

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