When Naukrani opened door, she screamed “Khoon…Khoon”

On Saturday night, dacoits looted a house and brutally murdered a man and hid daughter at Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India. When their Naukrani(maid servant) opened the door next morning, she screamed “Khoon…Khoon”. She saw pools of blood everywhere and household goods strewn all over the place.

murderRajiv Mathur (50) lived her daughter Priya Mathur in posh colony Veerangana Nagar at Kanpur. His wife passed away earlier. Police have recovered their blood soaked bodies from different rooms.

The gang comprised youths including a person from Kotwali area of Jhansi who used to visit house for changing water of fish aquarium. Through him, the gang learnt about huge deposit of cash and jewellery kept in the house for marriage of daughter.

The police scoured through call details and arrested the accused.



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