Youth denied promised marriage after he won Matki Phod competition

A man went back on his promise to marry his daughter to a youth if he won Matki Phod competition at Raipura village under Raun town (qasba) in Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh. After much difficulty the boy was able to break Matki hanging very high. Later, youth took barat amidst much fanfare and music band to girl’s house, but……

MatkiSeveral teams of youth could not break the Matki hanging at a height of 23 feet. Seeing this, a person made a weird announcement to marry off his daughter to anyone who broke Matki.

When the news spread to other villages, 18 years old Manvendra Singh Rajawat of nearby village Dohai led a team and succeeded in breaking Matki. After this, youth’s father Santosh Singh asked event’s organiser to get implemented the announcement about marriage. He arranged horse (mire) for youth and took barat on the tunes of DJ to girl’s house.

In this meantime, a baffled organizer refused to marry off his daughter. As discord aggravated, Panchayat was called where youth and his father were convinced after much difficulty and they agreed not to marry this girl.

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