Despite both feet cut, this auto driver is epitome of courage

autoAn auto driver who both legs were amputated in a train accident 8 years ago, has show exemplary courage and will power. When Bunty Gupta of Ranchi city in Jharkhand state of India drives his auto, he becomes a source of inspiration of hundreds. After the accident he got distressed thinking that he would no longer be able to support his family as he could not drive auto rickshaw, the sole bread earner for the family. He was treated admitted in a hospital for 2 and half years.

After 3 years, Bunty was fitted with artificial feet at a cost of Rs. 1.50 lakh. However, this could not help him walk as the fitting went wrong. But there was one positive thing for Bunty that he could drive auto with artificial feet. Following this, he started running auto. Bunty is now earning Rs. 600 to 800 per day. He is not only meeting expenses of entire family, but also repaying debts taken during his treatment. He is also saving to meet expenses of Rs. 20 lakh needed for new articial limbs so that he can walk as well.

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