Minor rape victim roams with aborted foetus, seeks justice

girlA 14-year-old rape victim roamed the streets of a village in Bulandshahr seeking justice, carrying her forcefully aborted foetus in a bag.

The girl, four and a half month pregnant, was forcefully taken to a local doctor by the accused and his family and her foetus aborted. The doctor has been arrested.

Seeking justice, minor rape victim carries foetus in a bag after forced abortion

A man named Yunus abducted the girl form her house some six months ago and raped her. When she complained of stomach pain some four months ago, it was revealed that she was pregnant.

When she narrated her ordeal to her family, they went to speak with the Yunus’ family, who then took the girl to an unqualified local doctor and had her pregnancy aborted.

The shocked girl roamed the streets of the village seeking justice. When her brother was made aware of the incident, he took her to the police station and filed a complaint against Yunus and his family.

The police have shut the illegal delivery centre and the doctor who performed the abortion has been arrested. Yunus and his family have also been taken into custody by the police.

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