UP Watch: Generate power as you, novel invention of UP engineer

The students of IIT-Roorkee in Uttarakhand have developed a device which can generate electricity when pressure is applied on it.

Reportedly, the PhD students of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department have invented this device under the leadership of vice-president Kaushik Pal.

IIT-Roorkee students develop a device that can generate electricity while you walk

This nano-generator device can be fitted in shoes and electricity can be generated while walking.

According to the developers, the device can generate electricity required to light up a 10 Watt LED bulb.

This 2.50 inch device has been prepared at a cost of just Rs 500 and it can be fitted in the tyres of vehicles and shoes.

As per professor Kaushik, the device has been developed with a chemical afte combining polymer and carbon.

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