Youths denuded, beaten up by musclemen, smear salt on wounds

Musclemen unclothed some people and thrashed them in suspicion of theft in Satna on Sunday. They also smeared salt and chilli on wounds of those beaten and took them round on roads of the town.

unclothAccording to police, musclemen held a youth and a minor roaming in the market of Nadna village in the afternoon. They accused them of theft and had their heads shaved. The musclemen did not stop here, but also gave electric shocks to them.

11 years old minor victim said that they were falsely implicated in theft. They are innocent. Another victim said that they were beaten with sticks, belts and rods. Their nails were also cut with Sarota.

Police have registered a case against the accused under IPC sections 294, 342, 323 and 506 (34).

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