Denied ambulance, son takes mother’s dead body on motorcycle

There seems to be no end of apathy by hospitals in India. After Kanpur and Odisha, who carried their son and wife on shoulders, man in Seoni was forced to carry his dead mother on a bike as he was denied ambulance service.

deadUlat village resident Bhimrao Nagpure was taking his ailing mother Parvati Bia (70) to Barghat hospital for treatment on a bike for last few days. On Tuesday also Bhimrao and his grandson Gaurishankar left for Barghat hospital for routine check-up on their bike.

Now Seoni man denied ambulance in MP, carries dead mother on bike

Seoni man denied ambulance in MP, carries dead mother on bike

As they reached around 17 km at Patel Tola, the men realised that the elderly woman had died in the way. Soon a crowd gathered on the spot.

Bhimrao claimed that he pleaded emergency service 108 and dial 100 number for ferrying the corpse to his home but no vehicle turned up despite lengthy wait.

A hapless Bhimrao asked his grandson to carry the woman on the bike and the duo returned for their village. However the aggrieved men took one hour in travelling just seven km.

Much to their dismay, the bike also broke down and Bhimrao again sought help from government agencies for ferrying their dead mother to his native village. He again dialled emergency helpline 108 and 100 number.

The 108 ambulance did turn up at the scene this time but the driver declined to carry the dead body in his vehicle and left despite emotional pleas from Bhimrao.

However local Janpad Panchayat member Lokram Harinkhede learnt about the incident and sent his jeep to carry the dead body to Bhimrao’s village.

Seoni CMO Dr RK Shrivastava speaking in defensive mode said, 108 ambulance had received a call from Bhimrao at 10.25am and the ambulance reached Ulat village at 10.35 but by that time Bhimrao had left.

At Ponarkala when the woman died, the ambulance driver returned as there was no provision in Sanjeevani ambulance service for carrying dead patients.

108 ambulance service officers also claimed that as per service protocol, the 108 ambulance was not bound to carry the corpses.

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