Girl blackmailed through Fake Facebook ID

A case has come to the fore where a girl was blackmailed through Fake Facebook ID in Taal Behat police station area of Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh. Girl blamed that her tenant had mad the Fake ID to defame her. The accused has been arrested by the police.

fake idRamesh (changed) name lived in his house with daughter and wife. He has a shop on the ground floor, which has rented to a youth Shailendra, who deals in cosmetics. For sometime, all was well until Shailendra set his eyed on Raushni (changed name).

After this, Shailendra used to eavesdrop (chhup chhup kar dekhna) the girl. Later, he became so enamoured about Reshma that his movements became visible to all. One day, father asked him to vacate the shop which enraged Shailendra. To take revenge, Shailendra made fake Facebook ID of the girl with her real photograph and name. In the fake ID, he described Reshma s a call girl and sex worker.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested the accused and sent him to jail.

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