Mahant Gyan Das allows Muslims to renovate and reconstruct Alamgiri masjid on Hanumangarhi land in Ayodhya ; Great gesture

The 300-year-old Aalamgiri Masjid to be rebuilt on land belonging to Hanumangarhi temple in Ayodhya, after a civic body declared it to be ‘hazardous’ and pasted a notice banning entry into the building.

According to TOI, days after this notice was pasted the Hanumangiri temple trust, which is in possession of the masjid land, not only allowed its reconstruction and agreed to bear the cost but also welcomed Muslims to offer namaz in the premises.

alamgiri masjidThe 17th century, Aalamgiri Masjid was built with the consent of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb by one of his generals. In around 1765 this land came into the possession of the Hanumangarhi temple when Nawab Shujauddaulah donated the land to the temple on the condition that namaz would continue at the masjid.

The practice of offering namaz gradually came to end and the masjid was lying abandoned with no renovation or maintenance. Recently, Ayodhya municipal board had put up a notice on its wall banning entry into the masjid.

It stirred a group of local Muslims and they met Hanumangarhi’s chief priest Mahant Gyan Das, requesting him the permission to get the masjid repaired.

Mahant Gyan Das told TOI that he asked the Muslim brothers to renovate and reconstruct the masjid on our expense and also issued no-objection certificate for Muslims to offer namaz as this is also a ‘Khuda ka ghar’.

He also said that he is also extending support for the renovation of a mausoleum on the premises which is as old as the masjid.

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