Why this gorgeous artificial mountain atop 26-storey building demolished?

This man-made garden in Beijing came into the spotlight in year 2013 after photos of the building with a mound of artificial rocks, greenery and a swimming pool on the roof, were feverishly shared and forwarded online on social media.

However, neighbours complained that the construction, which was started in 2007, had caused gas and water leaks that affected several apartments on lower floors. They were also concerned about safety hazards brought on by the construction.

Following this, the urban mahill on buildingnagement bureau of Haidian District posted a notice on the door of the apartment, urging the builder to demolish the illegal construction within 15 days, otherwise, the urban management authorities would dismantle it themselves.

Later, apartment owner in Beijing started dismantling an elaborate, but illegal, garden villa on top of a 26-storey building in downtown Beijing.

Local urban management officers provided technical guidance at the site to ensure the building structure remained sound and to prevent water and electricity leakage, a municipal urban management bureau official told Xinhua.

The officers ordered workers to erect a protective fence around the building to prevent falling objects hitting passersby and vehicles.

This came only one day after the villa’s builder, Zhang Biqing, owner of the 340-square-meter duplex penthouse on the top floors of the building, pledged to dismantle the 800-square-meter illegal structure when informed of risks to the public by police and urban management authorities.


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