Ex-boyfriend’s sends nude photos to fiancé, girl commits suicide

A girl student of final year of hotel management course Abhijeet Kaur committed suicide as she become fed up with ex boyfriend’s blackmailing and disrepute. Earlier, Abhijeet Kaur had sought police help. But instead of action against the ex-boyfriend, they executed a compromise between them. After this, the ex boyfriend started to even making calls to her fiancé. Meanwhile, the police have arrested ex-boyfriend Mohammad Nishat and his father Anees Ansari for abetment to suicide.

suicideNishat, a resident of Sector-24 of Chandigarh was class fellow of Abhijeet who hailed from Lucknow. During their relationship, Nishat had shot some nude photographs of Abhijeet, which he MMSed to her fiancé. Not, only this, Nishat also threatened to kill the fiancé if he dared marry Abhijeet.

Abhijeet’s marriage was scheduled in December. Both families were in very happy mood and were making hectic preparations. In the meantime, nude MMS and threat letter dropped on the them like a bombshell. Due to this, Abhijeet became so distressed that that she committed suicide by hanging in her hostel room.

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