Why she slapped Head of Department and said “Sudhar Jao

misfireA girl research scholar was asked for sexual relations by Head of Depart in lieu of passing her PhD theses in Kashi Vidyapeeth, Benaras (Varansi). In the written complaint to the police, the girl has said that she is student of fourth semester of MA IRPM. She had gone to submit her thesis to Head of Department for the first time two months ago. At that time, the HoD touched here breasts and offered to take her to a hotel for sexual intercourse. When refused, he threatened to mar the career of the girl student.

At that time, the girl came out of his room hurriedly. But when the HoD reiterated the same intent to her on Wednesday, the girl student got shaken up. This time, she slapped the HoD saying “Sudhar Jao, warna aala afsron say shikayat kar doongi”.

This time she made up her mind to seek police action into the case and filed a written complaint against the HOD. Taking cognizance of complaint, Vice Chancellor Dr. Piyush Nag has immediately relieved Head of Department Ramchandra Pathak from the post. The VC has ordered an enquiry after which action will be taken. The girl is a resident of Farrukhabad and is a hosteller.

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