Wife wanted to marry boyfriend, forced husband to commit suicide through fake Facebook ID

In the suicide case of owner of an embroidery factory, his wife Asha and brother in law have been Pradeep have been sent to jail at Sarthana in Surat district of Gujarat state in India. The husband committed suicide since he was fed up with wife’s extra-marital affairs and constant blackmailing by her. She had implicated the husband by creating a fake Facebook ID and was forcing him to divorce her. Actually, she wanted to marry her boyfriend so she spread this trap.

HUSBANDAccording to police, Hitesh Chhagan Bhai Beldia, a resident of Parwati Nagar Society had committed suicide by consuming some poisonous stuff. In the suicide note, he mentioned illicit relations between his wife Asha and her lover Rakesh Dhamelia.

Two and half years ago, Asha created a fake Facebook ID in the name of Kajal and sent friend request to her husband. During chatting, Hitesh got suspicious that the account is fake. For confirming this, he called Kajal to meet him. He was astonished that instead of Kajal, his wife Asha reached the venue. At that time, Asha created ruckus saying that her husband was cheating her and that she had tested him through fake ID.

In the suicide note, Hitesh said that Asha was blackmailing him by alleging that he had illicit relations with a woman named Kajal. After this, she forced Hitesh to sign divorce papers.

Though Hitesh’s wife and brother-in-law have been arrested, the boyfriend Rakesh is absconding.


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