Dowry torture: Husband inserts rod in private part of wife

In greed of dowry, a youth inserted a rod in the private part of his wife in front of his parents at Nalanda down in Bihar. He continued to torture wife in this way till she fell unconscious. After this, unconscious woman was thrown in front of house. Later, the woman and his family members filed an FIR in the police station.

dowryAccording to victim, she got married with Santosh Choudhary a year ago. After some months, the in-laws started demanding Rs. one lakh and a motorcycle in dowry. She said that she was taken to house of a relative of in-laws where this heinous crime was committed with her.

She said that she kept lying unconscious for whole night. On regaining consciousness, she returned to her parents and had report filed. Police have registered a case and sent the victim woman for treatment to a hospital.

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