Houseless, poor boy wins world through acting and dance

Meet dancer and television actor Faisal-Khan who played role of Maharana Pratap’s childhood and also woman season VIII of dance championship Jhalak Dikhla Ja. Son of auto rickshaw driver has risen to meteoric success, fame and wealth. Once his family did not have a shanty to live, Faisal has bought a costly flat in Mumbai and supporting his parents and sister.

faisalWith skyrocketing real estate prices, buying a house in Mumbai is no easy task. But with hard work and dedication, there’s little that is impossible, and 17-year-old Faisal Khan’s inspiring story is testament to that fact. The young actor, who is the son of a rickshaw driver, is now the proud owner of a flat in Mira Road in Mumbai.

“I was saving up for the house for a while,” says Faisal, beaming with pride. “It’s a one bedroom-hall- kitchen flat and I will be shifting there with my family in a month.” His family includes his mother, father and three sisters. All this while, they had been living with their relatives in the city.

“We had set the flat as a target, and we kept money aside for it. We’ve always wanted to own a house of our own, and this is a dream come true. Playing a lead role in a show helped me a lot and by the grace of God, I have been able to buy a house for my family,” says Faisal, who made his acting debut on the tube with the lead role in a historical show. Before this serial, he had won a dance reality show. Talk to him about making a choice between acting and dancing, and he finds it hard to pick one.

“They are connected somehow. Even the fight scenes in my show were choreographed so it was a dance of sorts,” he says.

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