Nepali ladki ko tantrik say rape karwaya phir bhi naheen hui 90 karod rupay ki baarish

Tantrik had promised that notes of rupees 90 crore will rain if a girl is handed over to them. Taking their advice, a youth cajoled a young Nepalese girl on some pretext and handed over her to tantrik at Bareilly city of India. Pooja was held whole night and the girl also raped several time, but rain of rupees did not happen. Over this, the gang and tantrik started a pitch fight with each other. Till the police arrived at the scene, the tantrik had fled away.

nepaliAccording to local people, the youth had brought the girl from Dhangarhi Vishal Nagar in Nepal. He took the girl to a teacher in Richaila area. The teacher handed over the girl to his nephew. This youth took the girl to Gulshan Nagar and kept her for 3 days. Tantrik reached there on Wednesay night.

Tantrik perromed Puja whole night but promised rain of note did not occur. This led to fight between the gang and tantrik. Later landlord called the police. Till then, tantrik had feld the scene. The Nawab Ganj police brought the two youths and the girl to police station and started further investigation.

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