Son kills father with mother’s help, pans murder by seeing crime TV shows

It seems that instead of desisting people, crime TV shows are helping them commit crimes in elaborate way. In a shocking incident, a boy murdered his father with the help of his mother in Purnea district of Bihar, said police. It is said that he planned the murder with the help of crime shows like Savdhaan India and Crime Patrol.

murderIn a major breakthrough, Purnea police arrested the minor and his mother within 24 hours after the crime took place. They have seized a rod and laptop with the help of which crime was committed.

SP Nishnat Tiwari said that 14-year-old had planned murder of his father after watching several episodes of crime shows like Savdhaan India and Crime Patrol.

The motive behind the murder was to take over his property and business, he added.

Accused told SP that deceased Upendra, owner of a cloth making factory, used to torture his mother and him, following which he took this extreme step. He had planned the murder of his father and involved his mother in the plan so that both of them will become the whole sole owner of the property and business. He killed his father after beating him with rod.

Police told that his mother has helped him to hide the evidences of crime.

Noteworthy, crime shows like Savdhaan India and Crime Patrol present the various signs and signals which can be noticed before a crime is committed by recreating real-life criminal cases through dramatisation.

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